For the past 13 years, I've greatly enjoyed the journey of learning Piano and Indian Classical music.


After 13 years of lessons, annual recitals, and exams, piano continues to be one of my most favorite activities. I've enjoyed preparing for the Royal Conservatory of Music piano exams and have passed the Level 6 and Level 8 Exams with Honors Distinction. I continue taking piano lessons weekly and practice through the week in preparation for the Level 9 Exam.

I've published a video of my performances of the Level 8 Repertoire pieces, which you can watch below.

Indian Classical (Vocal)

I learned Indian Classical music from my grandmother from ages 4-11, through which I built my vocal foundation as I began learning ragas and began exploring more complex improvisation. From age 11 to now, I've been learning from a teacher in India over Skype weekly, through which I've learned different styles of song, improvisational techniques, and 41 different ragas (musical frameworks).

Here are the 41 ragas I've learned: